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Why is my street plowed last?
The City plows snow based on a priority level of traffic volume. Because the state trunk lines are most heavily traveled, they are plowed first and most frequently. Accordingly, major streets are plowed second and the local streets third.

How does a homeowner get their sidewalk replaced?

The city has two programs that were developed to assist the homeowner to replace sidewalks. The first program is through development of a special assessment district, where the City selects an area or neighborhood to have their sidewalks replaced. Selection priority is based on several factors such as age of sidewalk, severity, pedestrian traffic volume, etc. Another option to be part of the special assessment program is for several neighbors to get together and petition the City for replacement. The City will then consider the request using the same criteria of prioritization.

The second program is elective, where the homeowner and/or a contractor performs replacement of the sidewalk themselves. They first must apply for a R.O.W. permit (no fee for this program) from the Department of Public Services. After the permit has been approved, the City will then schedule the removal process, usually being performed within two weeks. The City will remove and haul away the old sidewalk at no charge to the homeowner. The homeowner is responsible for labor, material and equipment to replace the sidewalk. The new sidewalk must be installed according to permit specs.

How can a property owner dispose of wood and brush from a tree which is trimmed or removed from private property?

The Department of Public Services will provide curbside residential collection from each residence one time during the months of April, May, October & November. The following are requirements for City residents only.

1. Brush must be placed on the terrace by 7:00 a.m. Monday during the scheduled collection week only.
2. The City will collect brush from each residence 1 time only during each month, April through October.
3. Tree limbs must be stacked with the large end nearest the curb. Limbs less than 8 feet in length and 8 inches in diameter only will be collected.
4. No stumps, large trunks, stones or dirt will be collected at the curb.
5. Keep branches and brush piles away from all utility poles, telephone pedestals, water shut-off valves and fire hydrants, etc.
6. Do not place items in the street. This causes additional clean-up problems on street surface and in storm sewers and may obstruct visibility, or cause traffic flow problems.
7. Collection is intended for residential scale only and is not for those clearing vacant or overgrown land.
8. City residents only may haul their brush to the compost site on Waterworks Ave. weekdays between the hours of 7am and 3pm. Proof of residency may be required.
9. Violators subject to prosecution.

When does someone need to apply for a "Right-Of-Way" permit and what fees are involved?

No person shall perform or otherwise undertake any excavation, construction, operation or use in, under, over or upon any street without having first obtained a permit therefore from the director of public services.

Applications for permits to perform or otherwise undertake any excavation, construction, operation or use in, under, over or upon any street shall be made to the director of public services not less than 72 hours prior to the planned commencement thereof. Applicant must provide a drawing of the location site. For more information, please see Chapter 30 of the City Ordinances.

Examples of work needing a permit are as follows:

  • Sidewalk construction or replacement. (exceeding 25 square feet) $50.00
  • Driveway construction or replacement $50.00
  • Terrace opening or curb cut $50.00
  • Street opening $100.00
  • Storm sewer connection fee $150.00
  • Application fee (for items other than listed above) $10.00

Where does someone apply for a "Right-Of-Way" permit?
The permits may be picked up and/or dropped off at the City Clerks office on the first floor of City Hall, 97 N. Broad St., or at the Department of Public Services office at 149 Waterworks Avenue.


Permits may also be downloaded on-line.